About Us

Welcome to the online marketing blog. This is a blog about online marketing for small business and local sized business. Online marketing is trending now as the new yellow pages because people are finding your business this way instead of using a phone book like in the past. The yellow pages have even changed their business model to assist you with your online presence by adding a business location and phone number tab.

This blog is going to go over small business marketing strategies to assist you in your decision. Should you use online ads? Does SEO work in your field? How much should you spend on a website and the setup of your website are all great questions you might have at this point.

What is SEO?

SEO is defined as search engine optimization and can be done in many ways. For your small business, it is important to remember the statistics. First, Organic traffic is often times easier to attract than paid advertising. In fact 40 percent of all online CTR is to organic search engine results.